Christian Services of Lansing (Love Clothing Center)

Christian Services of Lansing (Love Clothing Center)

What are the Christian Services of Lansing?

Christian Services is a consortium  where many churches in the Lansing area partner together to meet the needs of many people in our community. The churches are of many denominations and perform a variety of functions. Persons with needs contact Christian Services and are screened to determine if their income levels qualify them for assistance, and then a needs assessment is completed to identify what services should be provided. They are then connected to the individual programs which can best meet their needs. Individual churches who are approached for assistance by persons unknown to them refer those individuals directly to Christian Services so that there is not any overlap of services provided by the various churches. 

In the past we have collected coats for the annual coat drive. CMC’s main participation with Christian  Other opportunities to serve include working on the Christian Services phone lines answering calls and providing information. Christian Services will also accept cash donations. You may contact them at (517) 394-5413.

What is the Love Clothing Center?

  • For more than twenty-five years, Judson Baptist Church in south Lansing has run the Love Clothing Center to share the love of Jesus with the people of the Lansing area by providing clothing for children in need.
  • Judson Baptist Church volunteers obtain, sort, and organize the clothing but depend on other volunteers to help distribute clothing to families who are schedule to visit the Center.
  • Recently they have struggled to identify sufficient volunteers to keep the Center open.
  • Their goal is to continue to serve God and our community in the name of Christ, for his Glory.

How can I get involved?

  • Beginning in the Summer of 2020, Crossway committed to provide a team of 6-8 volunteers on one Saturday every other month to help with clothing distributions.  
  • Typical tasks include:
    • Helping to set up the Judson Baptist’s basement for the day’s distribution,
    • Assisting client families as they select the types and sizes of clothing they need, and
    • Putting away clothes at the end of the day.
  • Crossway volunteers can serve for an entire shift (9 am to 2:30 pm), or a shorter shift (usually 9 am to noon).

Prayer Requests

Click here to see how you can pray for the Love Clothing Center