Crossway Foundations is an opportunity to learn more about Crossway’s beliefs, vision, values, and practices, and to grow deeper in them.

  • Are you exploring Crossway?
    • Crossway Foundations is a great opportunity to get to know our church more. Who are we? Why are we here? What makes us unique? What do we share with other churches in the community and around the world? This is a great way to learn more.
  • Would you like to explore being a ‘member of the family’?
    • For those who are interested in becoming a ‘member of the Crossway family’, Crossway Foundations is a key part of that journey. You are loved and valued, whether or not you becoming a member, and you can serve and be served in so many ways without becoming a member.  Yet there are some important reasons to consider that step. To learn more go to Being a Member of the Crossway Family.
  • Are you already a member and want to grow deeper in our vision and in relationships?
    • Crossway Foundations is a great way to go deeper in our understanding of God’s call to us as a church, and to do that with other people. We love the vision of mixing new people with more seasoned people in this journey that God has for us as a church

We are regularly organizing new opportunities for interactions around these materials and would love to have you be a part of it! Contact Pastor John for more information:

Participating in Crossway Foundations

Crossway Foundations provides you with a set of resources to get to know Crossway more, as well as opportunities to grow in relationships with others who are doing the same thing.

  • The resources are online videos and text, broken into small chunks, to look at our beliefs, our values, and our practices as a church.
  • The opportunities to grow in relationships are times to meet with other people, whether online, in-person, or a combination, to process these resources together

The resources

Below are key resources, and they are available as text (the “Transcripts”) or video. They focus on what we believe, what we value, and our practices as a church.

What we believe

We have our doctrine information in 2 formats:

What we value

Our practices as a church

  • Evangelical Free Church
  • Crossway Multinational Church
    • Official Documents * Video
    • Congregational Governance * Video
    • Three Required Teams * Video
    • Church Board Members * Video
    • Current Teams * Video
    • Membership Qualifications * Video
    • Membership Process * Video
    • Membership Duties & Responsibilities
      • Be a part of the body * Video
      • Receive hospitality: care & oversight * Video
      • Give hospitality: serve & give as gifted * Video