Getting Connected at Crossway

Getting Connected at Crossway

Relationships are very important. That is true in life, it is true for Christians, and it is true for us as a church! Yet it can be challenging to develop the sense of connectedness, especially in a diverse community.

It is very important to us as a church that everyone experiences being included in our body. There are multiple ways that we try to help people do that. We encourage you to take advantage of each of these things:

Worship service: Greeting time and snack time

Each Sunday, we intentionally take time to greet each other. This can seem like a small thing, yet we believe it is a very important time. We encourage people to make connections with people who might be outside of their normal circle of friends.

Church meals

Roughly once a month, we eat a meal together after church. People bring their own favorite foods to share, and we have a wonderful meal together and get to know and enjoy each other around a table with great food!

The online church directory

We have a password protected online directory with pictures to help us get to know each other. We invite everyone who regularly attends Crossway to be included in this directory.

Go to:

Request a login and password from Pastor John:

To be added, please send a picture of yourself or your family (we would be glad to help take a picture at church), along with your names, and whatever contact information you are willing to share, including your phone number(s), email(s), and mailing address. Send it to Pastor John:

Weekly church emails

Roughly once a week, we send out emails with news and announcements for the church to keep you informed about upcoming church events and activities, and to help prepare for the church gathering (the time together) on Sunday morning. To sign up to receive these emails, please fill out this online form:

Food signup requests

A great way to become more connected in the church is to provide food for snacks and meals. To be alerted about these opportunities, please send a note to and you’ll get an email when each new opportunity comes.

Daily Bible reading

We encourage everyone to be reading the Bible on a regular basis. One way we do that together is by following a shared plan of which chapters to read each day. You can get a printed copy of this plan at church. You can also sign up to receive a daily text or email with a link to the Bible passage. Just send an email to or a text to 517-917-0498 and indicate what hour of the day you would like to receive the message (the default is 8am).

Next Steps…

Other great ways to connect include:

  • Joining a Life Group
  • Serving with a ministry team
  • Joining our daily prayer focus person app
  • Explore membership

Please reach out to Pastor John, and we’ll have more information soon!