International House Party

International House Party

What is the International House Party?

Purpose: cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship through relationship-building, recreation, and Bible exploration in the context of a week-long retreat.

Audience: Christians of all backgrounds and the internationals they serve (visiting scholars and their kids, established international families, undergrads/grads /post-docs). Friends bring friends.


The world has come to us through academic programs at many higher ed institutions across the US where internationals make up a sizable percentage of those institutions. Recognizing this, many local churches and parachurch organizations and individual believers work to welcome, befriend, care for, and share the good news of the Gospel with internationals who are in our country for a short time before returning to their home country (many of those countries have limited local Christian witness). 

  • The time around the Christmas/New Year holidays can be a lonely time for Internationals, as many Americans vacate campus to spend a week or two with family and friends. This “time between times” presents a special opportunity to offer hospitality and build memories together with International scholars and students.  

Updates for 2021: 

  • After 40 years of International Houseparty being hosted and staffed by Cedar Campus (a facility in the Eastern U.P. operated by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) followed by a year of hiatus due to the pandemic, the program enters a new chapter in 2021. 
  • A core team of people who loved and supported the program over the past few years are seeking to keep it going through a transitional period, if the Lord wills. 
  • As of mid-October, organizers are gathering soft commitments from potential attendees (both group leaders and guests) to gauge interest in a Houseparty program Dec 27-Jan 2 at Cran-Hill Ranch near Big Rapids, MI.

You can find more information in their flyer here

How can I get involved?

  • Keep an ear open for Internationals who might be at loose ends between Christmas and New Year’s and connect them with the opportunity (singles will be easiest to accommodate this year due to housing logistics but we have a few spaces for families)
  • Loan spare winter outerwear for guests who might not bring enough gear (in years past this has been a real life-saver for many!)
  • Donate to fund scholarships or sponsor add-on activities (cost is $315 / person which gets pretty steep for families, in particular; many activities will be included but the camp offers many optional add-ons so a small pool of funds would be welcome)
  • Donate funds and/or time to online shop to stock a book table of helpful Christian resources in many languages
  • Help out with needs that emerge as we move forward…there’s always something
  • Pray with us before, during, and after the event!

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Prayer Requests

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