Nov 17, 2019

Sunday Worship Services

What to Expect In our worship services, we include a variety of elements and languages and songs. Often our Scripture readings are read in English as well as in other languages based on the languages known by the person reading Scripture. We also sing songs that include English and other languages, singing many songs originally written in English as well as songs that were written first in other languages. We take time to pray in all of our services, sometimes…
Nov 23, 2019

Bridges Thanksgiving Party

Bridges, an outreach ministry for international students and visiting scholars, will be putting on their annual Thanksgiving Party on November 23. We can join in support Mengyan Wang (the Bridges intern we support and who is active in our church) in various ways. Help is needed at various times through the day, including setup, cooking, driving, and interacting with students. Are you interested? Please contact Mengyan at or sign up at