Getting Connected at Crossway

Getting Connected at Crossway

The two greatest commandments are to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves (see Luke 10:27). And we are to do good, especially among believers (see Galatians 6:10). And we find that good relationships are especially important in a diverse community!

For these reasons, we are committed as a church to ensure that everyone in our body experiences connection and relationship with others

So we encourage you to take advantage of these things: 

Note that we have an expanded version of this document that is available to those who are currently attending Crossway. For more information, contact Pastor John

Worship Service

  • Once a week we gather as a people for worship services. These gatherings are important for us as a church. We find strength in God together, cry out to Him together, and give Him praise together.
  • A special part of our gatherings is the opportunity to talk with each other during the greeting time, the snack time (when conditions allow), and before and after the worship service (in breakout rooms online or in person). These are intentional, important times for connection.  We encourage people to make connections with people outside of their usual circle of friends. We take seriously the opportunities these connections provide.

Church meals 

  • Once a month we eat a meal together after church. People bring favorite foods to share, and we have a wonderful meal together and get to know and enjoy each other around a table with great food! 

Weekly church emails

  • Once a week, we send out emails with news and announcements to keep you informed about upcoming church events and activities, and to prepare for our time together on Sunday morning. To sign up to receive these emails, please fill out this online form:

Our church website

  • Our church website has many great resources!
  • In particular:
    • Recent sermons: Watch, listen, view notes
    • Online calendar: View planned events
    • Resources: Glossary and discipleship guides
    • Core values: videos and descriptions
    • Exploring Crossway and membership
    • Member section (password protected):
      • Our constitution and by-laws and current budget
      • Board meeting summaries

The online church directory

  • We have a password protected online directory with pictures to help us get to know each other. We invite everyone who regularly attends Crossway to be included in this directory. 

Daily Bible reading

  • We encourage everyone to be reading the Bible on a regular basis. One way we can do that together is by following a shared daily plan of Bible chapters to read. Download a copy of this plan at You can also sign up to receive a daily text or email with a link to the Bible passage. Contact Pastor John

Children’s Ministry

  • We have a wonderful ministry among children, preschool through 5th grade. During the pandemic, they are meeting via Zoom midweek.

Life Groups

  • Life Groups are small groups that meet at various times during the week, whether online or in person. These groups are a combination of 1) caring for each other, 2) studying the Bible together, usually as a follow up to the message each Sunday, 3) growing in cultural understanding, and 4) serving beyond ourselves. We have a variety of  groups made up of different ages and life situations, and some are just men or just women or mixed. 
  • To learn more, contact Pastor John at

Monthly prayer gatherings

  • We regularly gather together for prayer, either online or a combination of online and in person. These are such important and encouraging times to cry out to our God together! They usually happen on the third Sunday of the month, 4:30-5:30pm.

Crossway Helps Ministry

  • We have a team of people eager to help in practical ways. They arrange volunteers for  physical help for moving, financial assistance for urgent needs, and meals when life is extra full or challenging.
  • Connect with others by signing up to help when the Helps Team asks for assistance.

Serving with others

  • Another great way to get connected is by serving with other people on one of our ministry teams. Different roles have different requirements, so reach out to the contact person to learn more. Here are some possibilities:
    • Set-up and tear-down team
    • Sound system and worship technology
    • Music team
    • Crossway Kids (pre-k through 5th grade)
    • Youth ministry (6th-12th grade)
    • Greeters/welcome ministry
    • Helps ministry
    • External ministry (missions) team

A pathway toward membership

Regular attenders at Crossway are encouraged becoming Members. It is not required, yet it is one important way to express our journey together as a people. To learn more, see

Media Release

We like to be able to share pictures on our website and in other materials of our times together as a church! At the same time, we are committed to respecting the privacy of our people. Our Communications and Social Media Policy says that we won’t post identifiable pictures of people without their permission. Would you be okay if we use your picture? Thank you! Click here: 

And do you have pictures from church events to share? Upload to